FCAA-Quebec project on road safety with elders

I’m pretty proud to announce that my colleagues and I (Prof. Evelyne Vallières, Daniel Lemire and Richard Hotte) signed an agreement for a research project with the Foundation of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), division Québec, for 180k$ for 2013 to 2015. This project will focus on the effects of fatigue (tiredness) on elder drivers (55+ … I know that people between 55 and 65 don’t want to be categorized as “elders” :-) ) and will study retroaction methods, based on a coaching approach, to increase the self-awareness of the drivers face to their driving behaviors. Personnally, I will work on the Computer Science part of the project, where we will build drivers’ models based on the car, contextual and users’ information. We are currently experimenting different machine learning algorithms with prototype data from the car and a driver (me !).

This research project will extensively use the “Smart” car LISA (french acronym for smart laboratory on road security), a car full of sensors, camera and facial recognition systems, which is financed by the CFI (Nomade Project, 400k$).

I will post more info on this exciting project in the next months, so stay tuned!

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