A new laboratory on Smart Cities and Mobile Computing is born!

Finally, after the official announcement of the CFI (Innovation Canada) made today, I can also officially announce that I received 887 000$cad (329k$ from Innovation Canada, 329k$ from the Quebec Superior Education, Research, Science and Technologies department and 227k$ from private funding) for the acquisition of a laboratory on smart cities and mobile computing, which will be called LIMVI (in french Laboratoire de recherche en Informatique Mobile et Villes Intelligentes). The team around this funding is composed by me (main investigator), Évelyne Vallières from LICEF/TELUQ, Bruno Bouchard from UQAC, Sylvain Giroux from Université de Sherbrooke and Dragos Vieru from LICEF/TELUQ.

With this funding, we will acquire 3 groups of components:

  1. a mobile laboratory i.e. an highly equipped and adapted recreational vehicle to conduct studies and validations directly in urban environments;
  2. several wireless sensor nodes + sensors for urban deployment
  3. a fleet of wireless devices (smart phones and tablets) for development and field experimentations.

This research infrastructure is unique in Canada and will help my team and my colleagues involved to develop new assistive technologies for users in urban environments that are context-aware and adapted to user profiles. These assistive technologies will mainly aim to improving the quality of life of seniors and persons with special needs in their activities of daily living in the smart urban environments.

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