New job and new blog

After 5-6 years of post-graduate education between the Quebec and France, 1 year of Postdoc at CMU in Pittsburgh and 2 marvelous kids, I finally reach my goal : get a position as professor in computer science in a university in Quebec, the Télé-Université du Québec.

Sometime, it’s fun to remember all the path I followed to reach this goal and all the people (mostly my family …) asking when I would finally get a job (for a lot of them, doing research during a Ph.D. is not a job). I can officially say that at 31 years old, I have my first official job ! (internship and student job doesn’t count ;) )

Ok, enough talk about that. Let me introduce this new website and blog. In that blog, you will find all the information about my research interests, projects, publications and topics I will write, from computer science to research in general, maybe a little bit about politic and surely some stuff about my next trips (conferences or not). You will probably notice several english grammatical errors in my future posts, I apologize, french being my first language, I’m still working to improve my english (even if I wrote several scientific papers in english). So, stay tune and don’t forget to submit comments !

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